Liberals are big contributors, too

OlympiaMay 29, 2014 

B en Cohen, an uber liberal, picked the perfect place to market his petition to rid the country of the Citizens United ruling by the Supreme Court of the United States. Most college kids have little to no knowledge of the political system. They are routinely taught that “Progressivism” is the Way, Truth and Life, and conservatives are only out to take your money and foul the air and water. Truth is, the dirty money getting funneled into politics comes mostly from the left. Harry Reid, D-Nev., has made the Koch brothers the boogey men of political contributions. Their money pales in comparison to the amounts given to the Democratic Party by labor unions, trial lawyers, teachers, public employees, George Soros and Move They even work foreign money in where they can. We’ve seen what liberal policies have done to us over the past five-plus years of the Obama regime. No jobs, no growth, no hope. All we get are platitudes and blame pointed at others. The IRS, DOJ, VA and NSA are breaking the law on a daily basis and Cohen is worried about campaign contributions. How sad. The left goes bonkers if we challenge “settled law” re: abortion. Why is it OK to challenge settled law regarding contributions?

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