Something is missing from the equation

OlympiaMay 29, 2014 


see and know many people who care about the education of our children who are torn by a lack of resources and clarity. When we as a culture decide it is best to mainstream our developmentally challenged youth, it seems there is a common value. When we struggle with providing it we fail them. Our schools fail to provide the help they need to function in that worldly setting, because funding is not available. So they are placed there anyway, and the teacher is asked to teach all effectively. It is by design mission impossible. All the children lose a learning environment. Teachers burn out. Administrators report statistics that are meaningless. Can we not either fund it or face the conversation that we can’t do it this way, so now what? How can we many caring, talented, well-intentioned people keep playing the game while all the children pay the price? Legislators? School boards? Judicial system? Volunteers? Administrators? When do we decide to get real? Can The Olympian facilitate this discussion? Everyone is advocating for the child but something is missing.

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