Ever So Android to play at Olympia's Fourth Ave Tav

Staff writerMay 30, 2014 

Hope Simpson and Drew Murray of Ever So Android will perform Saturday in Olympia.


Ever So Android is heavy, raw and unlike anything you’re likely to have heard before. Their music combines elements of dank industrial rock with driving dubstep beats and the slightest bit of soul into something that is instantly infectious and interesting.

On record, you would never believe that the band has only two people — guitarist Drew Murray and singer Hope Simpson. Less absolutely means more.

The duo came together unexpectedly, and with no intention of making music together.

“He didn’t want to be in a band, and I didn’t want to be in a band,” Simpson said. “It was just like, ‘I wrote this song, do you want to hear it?’”

Murray, who has been in a number of groups, was taken by the singer’s raw potential, and, in spite of his own reservations, decided that it was something worth exploring. “It was her voice,” Murray said. “It wasn’t what it is now, but there was just this timbre to it that was just intangible.”

They released their first self-titled EP last year, which quickly caught on among local critics and audiences who became enamored with the duo’s thumping, gritty sound. The fact that it ever saw the light of day, however, is a small miracle.

“We had to restart the process three times,” Simpson said. “We started with one person, and they disappeared. Started with another person, they disappeared. Then we got a third person, and it went south so we had to go back to the first guy.”

As stressful as producing the EP may have been, they maintain a decidedly positive attitude about the process.

“It was a blessing,” Murray said. “Especially for Hope; her performances the third time through and the fourth time through were amazing versus what they were originally.”

In the wake of the EP release, Ever So Android have been busy touring the country and writing new material. Their latest single, “Leash” (listen to it on the accompanying video), is a song they’d long held in their pocket, and were finally almost forced to release because live audiences liked it so much.

“We did our U.S. tour in October and people kept coming up afterward, saying, ‘What was that song?’ and it was always ‘Leash,’” Murray said. “We recorded it very fast, but only because we knew it inside and out.”

Ever So Android refuses to be distracted by outside pressures or internal misgivings.

“I don’t have time to doubt myself right now,” Simpson said. “I have things to do. We’re planning another tour, and we have to start recording soon. There’s just less time all around. … You have to try and bash your fears down.”

ever So Android

When: 9 p.m. Saturday

Tickets: $5

Where: 4th Avenue Tavern, 210 Fourth Ave. E., Olympia

More information: the4thave.com

on the web

See a video of Ever So Android performing “Leash” at theolympian.com

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