Falcons not attracted to Mistake by the Lake

OlympiaMay 30, 2014 

A s one of the many who have campaigned to get rid of the Isthmus’ Capital Center Building (more commonly and disparagingly known as the Mistake by the Lake), I got a huge chuckle out of John Dodge’s Tuesday column about the new home of the Port’s peregrine falcons. Because the Port’s crane, where the falcons’ nest was placed for many years, was being dismantled, volunteers moved the nest box to the top of the Mistake, hoping the falcons would still use it. Instead, to my delight, the falcons turned up their beaks at home sweet home and instead moved into an abandoned and decrepit eagles nest in the trees, where these falcons do not prefer to nest. Apparently, this old eagles nest was far preferable to their own nest in the old, abandoned, and decrepit mistake. So, a word to the current owner of the Mistake. Please take a cue from this event and cease your plans to develop the building into a hotel. Not only do Olympian citizens hate the Mistake, but, apparently, it’s not even for the birds!

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