Theatrics over Benghazi hard to stomach

OlympiaMay 30, 2014 

Here we go again, the Republicans are cranking up the manufactured outrage machine about Benghazi. Again. The burning question about Benghazi seems to be which group of Muslims that hate America attacked our embassy that night — al-Qaida or people enraged about a video that caused our embassy in Cairo to be attacked that same day. If Muslims attacking American embassies abroad is so important to the Republicans, why are they not hysterical about the 13 embassies and the 123 resulting casualties that happened during the Bush administration? They aren’t? Oh, right, Obama is a Democrat, Bush is a Republican, it’s all about politics.

If the Republicans are so concerned about protecting our embassies abroad, why have they cut funding for the defense of embassies abroad in each of the last four years? Oh, right, they want government to do less. The Republicans accuse the Obama administration of misrepresenting the Benghazi attacks for political gain, but that is exactly what they are doing with these endless show hearings about Benghazi, spinning an attack by Muslims into a sinister White House plot. Those four Americans that died in the service of their country that night should not be a political football kicked around for years for partisan gain, they should be laid to rest with honor and respect.

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