Too much at stake to let history repeat

OlympiaJune 2, 2014 

Why does history have to repeat? In 1939, socialist Hitler invaded Poland saying it was to protect the interests of the German citizens there. Then, next-door Czechoslovakia, same excuse, then France in pure socialist hubris.

This year, socialist Putin invaded Crimea to protect the interests of Russian citizens there. Now his eye is on Ukraine, purportedly for the same basic reason, with his military on the Ukraine border.

Guess what’s coming if Barack Obama doesn’t pull a Kennedy circa 1962 and tell him bluntly as JFK did Khruschev that if one tacical missile or shot goes into Ukraine it will be considered a direct attack on the U.S. and responded to in full measure.

Obama needs to spell it out hard or we will end up seeing an 8-hour nuke World War III with the survivors envying the dead because Putin values only Putin and if it starts, he vaporizes in a detonation fireball. No, I do not choose to hear from the socialists at The Evergreen State College. We can’t agree, except this is one time we cannot let history repeat.

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