Child panhandling: Funny or sad signal?

OlympiaJune 4, 2014 

I just recently received a text picture of my granddaughter that was funny but yet very disturbing. My daughter Jackie just opened a new salon, “Jaclyn Rain,” located across the parking lot from Ralph’s Thriftway. Every day of the week, at both entrances via Fourth and State streets, we have the panhandlers standing/sitting with signs.

My daughter sent my granddaughter outside to water potted plants. When she went out to check on her, she found her sitting on the ground, on a rug, watching her iPad with the watering can in front of her and holding a sign she had made that said “Money Please!” The sad part to this is that she had a couple of dollars of change in the can.

Funny, maybe. But what kind of signal are we sending our youth today? We need our kids to realize they need to work, not expect handouts.

The city of Olympia needs to restrict panhandling. It’s entirely out of hand.

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