Fastpitch: All-4A, 3A Narrows League teams

mwochnick@theolympian.comJune 5, 2014 

The all-4A and 3A Narrows League fastpitch teams, as selected by the league's coaches ... 


MVP Pitcher: Maddy Stensby, jr., Olympia

MVP Position: OF Ally Choate, fr., Yelm

Coach of the year: Lindsay Walton, Yelm 

First team

Pitchers: Jessilyn Enlow, Yelm; Sydney Prigge, Gig Harbor

Catchers: Drew Camacho, South Kitsap; Adrianna Rupright, Olympia; Savannah Brown, Yelm

Infielders: Marin Malich, Gig Harbor; Tayler Finch, Yelm; Alyssa McKiernan, Bellarmine; Hannah Spohn, South Kitsap; Hayley Romo, South Kitsap; Katie Stoeckel, Central Kitsap; Aubrey Lindbergh, Gig Harbor; Bri Bell, Olympia

Outfielders: Erin Roloff, Olympia; Tessa Waage, Gig Harbor; Jessy Turnbull, Olympia; Emery Norwood, Stadium; Chance Barge, Central Kitsap

Utility: Courtney Schwan, Bellarmine 

Second team

Pitchers: Maddie Watson, South Kitsap; Jordan Adams, Gig Harbor

Catcher: Marissa Adams, Central Kitsap

Infielders: Rika Linman, Stadium; Megan Mendonca, Yelm; Anna Overland, Gig Harbor; Celine Woo, Bellarmine; Kendall Clauson, South Kitsap; Tessa Tremper, South Kitsap; Sam Williams, Central Kitsap; Leticia Farias, Olympia; Glynne Saelid, Olympia; Maddy Newkirk, Olympia

Outfielders: Neka Viveros, Yelm; Tiffani Terrell, Central Kitsap.

Utility: Kylie Lensegray, Stadium 

Honorable mention

Bellarmine: Rebecca Sorensen, Ashlynn Ota, Erica Grenlund

Central Kitsap: Elise Freund, Sam Wallace, Hope Lawrence

Gig Harbor: Gracen Malich, Megan Riggs

Stadium: Patricia Hultman, Brianna Lamb

Yelm: Nicki Dehan, Aimee Madsen, Breann Robertson



MVP Pitcher: Brooklyn Taylor-Sparks, fr., Timberline

MVP Position: SS Dominique Greeno, jr., North Thurston

Coach of the year: Charles Porche, Timberline 

First team

Pitchers: Grace Utto-Galarneau, Timberline; Kayla Washington, Wilson

Catchers: Megan Porche, Timberline; Lindsey Corey, Shelton

Infielders: Darian Grimm, Wilson; Aurora Gouley, Shelton; Kennedy O’Connor, Shelton; Annelies Dahmen, North Thurston; Aayliah Kautz, North Thurston; Rylee Payton, Timberline

Outfielders: Krista Jones, Timberline; Aundrea Temple, Timberline; Ashley Skillingstad, North Thurston; Kelsey Albaugh, Shelton

Utility: Cassandra Crabtree, Shelton; Maria Velez-Kraft, Timberline

Second team

Pitchers: Ciarra Davis, North Thurston; Morgan Mitchell, Shelton

Catchers: Holt Zanaa, Mount Tahoma; Saralyn Campbell, North Thurston

Infielders: Michaela Phillips, Foss; Shyanne Albert, Wilson; Adrianna Lanz, Wilson; Maya Sheaffer, Lincoln; Molly Emmons, Timberline; Loretta LaClair, Shelton

Outfielders: Makenzie Sylvester, Timberline; Alisha Simon, Shelton; Dejah Hickman, North Thurston; Chante Cordell, Wilson

Utility: Katelynn Kass, Wilson; Viane Tran, Lincoln

Honorable mention

Foss: Kylye Thornton

Lincoln: Parhis Tippett, Tida Salevao, Jessica Salevao

Mount Tahoma: Elizabeth Box; Taylor Brissette

Shelton: Cheyanne Overlin, Shelton

Timberline: Emily Turner

Wilson: Kensi Baines

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