Column wrongly defends Obama’s Benghazi lies

OlympiaJune 7, 2014 

Eugene Robinson’s column states that the Republicans accused Barack Obama of many faux scandals. He lists Benghazi, Fast and Furious, and the IRS persecuting conservative political groups, particularly the tea party, as faux scandals. Robinson dismisses Benghazi as it doesn’t matter who killed four Americans, terrorists or militants.

The real issue of Benghazi hinged on the presidential election between Romney and Obama. Obama’s political machine was hyping the year of the Arab Summer. Obama was supposedly leading from behind and bringing the Arabs out of their Middle Ages culture. Fortifying Benghazi, our embassy, didn’t fit with the political nonsense.

Therefore they rolled the dice and elected not to defend the embassy so they could continue to tout the Arab Summer during the election. As a result, the ambassador and three other American citizens were killed. In order to cover themselves, the Obama administration, including Hillary Rodham Clinton, created yet another lie to the American people – a spontaneous attack caused by a video created by an American.

The real count of the IRS scandal was 267 tea party groups not only investigated, but persecuted. Seven liberal groups were investigated only. Can you imagine the horror of having the IRS set after yourselves. Robinson, please stop covering for Obama’s lies.

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