High minimum wage not hurting state jobs

OlympiaJune 7, 2014 

House Speaker John Boehner is adamantly opposed to raising the minimum wage. He calls it a job killer. He said, “When you raise the price of employment, guess what happens? You get less of it.”

Really? The national minimum wage is $7.25. The national unemployment rate was 6.3 percent in April 2014. Washington’s minimum wage is $9.32. (That’s the highest rate in the nation.) Washington’s unemployment rate was 5.6 percent in April 2014.

Seattle’s mayor has proposed a $15 minimum wage. Seattle’s unemployment rate was 5.7 percent in March 2014. It might be even lower now. So is raising the minimum wage really a job killer?

If that’s true, then why did The Seattle Times report this on May 22, 2014? “Last year, Seattle grew faster than any other major American city, according to population estimates released Thursday by the Census Bureau.”

In 1917, H. L. Mencken wrote “There is always an easy solution to every human problem – neat, plausible, and wrong.” Take that, John Boehner.

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