Port commissioners vote tonight on warehouse

OlympiaJune 9, 2014 

Our tax-supported and publicly owned Port of Olympia imports proppants from Asia to aid in fracking. Proppanats are blasted into the shale rock and prop open tar sands so that ancient oil can be extracted. These tiny ceramic/silica beads, proppants, are essential to the fracking process.

Tonight in Tumwater our elected port commissioners will vote to approve or oppose the new $2.5 million Warehouse B specifically to house and transport proppants.

Sue Gunn opposes, Bill McGreggor supports, and George Barner is undecided — making him the decisive swing vote.

If you too believe that the aiding and abetting of fracking is immoral and short-sighted in light of the contribution that fossil fuels make to climate change and enviornmental destruction, please let Barner know.

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