Will the court admonish our feckless legislators?

OlympiaJune 10, 2014 

I am writing in response to reading Peter Callaghan’s opinion piece regarding the Legislature’s lack of compliance in responding to the state Supreme Court’s order to adequately fund education in the state of Washington.

The headline reads “Let’s imagine contempt for the Legislature.” We don’t need to imagine contempt. We, the taxpayers, have been thinking and feeling contempt for more than two years regarding these people who we naively elected to run our state. We thought that they could act like adults instead of toddlers in a sandbox.

We were wrong, we won’t be wrong again. Callaghan entertainingly and brilliantly lays out just what we would like the Supreme Court to do next. Will they have the courage to pay attention to his suggestions and take action against these feckless legislators?

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