Resident not impressed with Olympia’s attitude

OlympiaJune 10, 2014 

Catherine McCoy, LEED planner for city of Olympia spoke at a meeting I attended of the Bigelow Neighborhood in April. I would surmise that the average age of the attendee at the informational meeting was approximately 59 years and those attending have a cumulative residency of hundreds of years of in Olympia. They have quietly and stalwartly preserved a neighborhood that has been in existence since 1854; 35 years before Washington became a state.

These people care about Olympia for the people who came before them and for the people who will come after them. They have obtained permits and paid fees to the city maintaining their beautiful neighborhood which is being threatened by a clumsy encroachment masquerading as sustainability.

My conclusions about the city of Olympia’s agenda for its citizenry after listening to McCoy: The city has an us-against-them attitude concerning their citizens. The city lacks a cohesive architectural plan. The city places no value on its historical properties. The city lacks imagination and is on target to become a shabby imitation of Seattle. The city has absolutely no understanding of sustainability.

The Bigelow neighborhood needs protection from the misguided Tannasse project. Please reconsider the impact their box will have on the neighborhood before finalizing any plans.

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