Parents: monitor teenson Internet, video games

June 12, 2014 

He lived in a mansion in the Nicolet National Forest. As a popular fellow he had many followers but some of them ditched him, saying he had an almost hypnotic affect. Two 12-year-old girls can attest to that. Because of the control of this make-believe entity, they face up to 60 years in prison for attempted homicide.

On May 30, Wisconsin preteens Morgan and Anissa lured a friend into woods where they held her down and stabbed her 19 times with a knife, causing life-threatening wounds. They were trying to be made worthy of someone called Slender Man. They believed if they killed, he would count them worthy to live in his mansion in the Nicolet National Forest.

Sadly, the Slender Man is only one of many dangerous role playing games on the Internet. It is definitely a loud wake-up call for parents to monitor which websites their children are using. Do not be lulled into thinking, “it’s only a video game.”

These girls are not evil, or mentally ill or users of drugs. They are victims of young, impressionable minds that turned into avatars whose minds had slipped from a world of reality into one that is not.

Karen Strand


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