No funds for pickingup litter along roads

June 12, 2014 

I get so tired of looking at the always accumulating litter on our roads. A few months agoThurston County came by our neighborhood and picked up that area. The very next day the litter began to show up again. I stopped my van and got out and started to pick up the litter from just that day. I now pick up five miles around my neighborhood everyday.

I have been keeping record of the litter I pick up and here is the break down. 70 percent is from fast food and convenience stores containers and paper products, 10 percent is alcohol containers, 5 percent tobacco products, 5 percent just people blowing their nose napkins and the 5 percent left is trash trucks, construction trucks and accidents.

The Department of Ecology and county do random pick up but you can see for yourself it is not consistent. I was told by the county that there very little money budgeted for litter control; oh well, too bad for the 97 percent who don’t like the litter. Tax money goes to the top priorities, litter is at the bottom of needs.

John Judge


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