Angelou: carryingthe torch for justice

June 14, 2014 

An angel came to earth to escort our mother of wisdom to heaven. Our mother, who gave truth to the spiritual embodiment of unity through words of philosophical values. Words that held no barriers to peace, love, and togetherness for all through art, music, and poetry. She was a world-renowned inspiration to everyone that heard her soft, sweet, pleasant, and soothing voice. This voice exemplified civil obedience and respect to the lost souls that were oppressed.

Yes, even though the farmers of deviousness were planting senseless seeds of divisiveness, she sewed seeds of unity and equality with the purpose of life belonging to the one who gave it - God. Our mother not only left us her legacy of believing that God’s light inside us couldn’t be dimmed but the strong will to continue to carry the torch for justice and humanity.

Our mother left us with the thought that through devotion, motivation, and determination, together we could find the justice we’ve been searching for in the midst of the chaos that’s controlling the world. This gave the cage bird a reason to sing and now, the physical body of our mother will be laid to rest, but her voice, her wisdom, her love, and her philosophical views will still continue to rise.

Rest in Peace, Maya Angelou, our mother of wisdom, and may God bless your family.

Lionel Collins


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