Members of both partiesupset by Bergdahl swap

June 15, 2014 

So, let me get this right. According to The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette opinion published June 9, Sen. Diane Feinstein of California is now a Republican. Bet her supporters are astounded to say the least. The editorial states that it was Republicans who were upset over the Bergdahl swap. According to many news sources, this issue with Bergdahl being swapped for terrorists was and continues to be bipartisan discontent in both chambers of our Congress.

Once again the liberal media ignores the truth and casts all who disagree with the fast track this administration puts on too many things. Next I expect to hear how it is Republicans only who are upset over the VA mismanagement. Come on folks. Disagreement with the administration does not mean a person’s political leanings have to be labeled.

Roy Murray


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