Real Democrat runsin state 35th district

June 15, 2014 

As a voter in the 35th Legislative District, I want to let others know that we have a real choice in the upcoming election. Instead of a perennial DINO (Democrat in name only) who has been pivotal in contriving a Republican senate majority for the last two sessions -- and blocking just about all constructive activity in the legislature -- we can now have a real Democrat.

Irene Bowling, an internationally acclaimed piano instructor and performer, is also a long time community activist with impeccable Democratic credentials. She is passionately concerned with improving education for all children in our state, and believes we deserve a legislature that acts in the people’s interest rather than obstructing at every turn.

Bowling enjoys broad and enthusiastic support among office holding Democrats in the area -- including Sen. Karen Fraser and Rep.s Sam Hunt and Chris Reykdahl and Rep. Cathy Haigh of Dist 35. She attracts new supporters wherever she speaks and her campaign is in high gear in the district’s three counties (Thurston, Kitsap and Mason).

Her opponents have attempted to minimize her as a mere piano teacher. Yes, with a PhD, a successful self-owned business, a wealth of experience as a community activist and a passion for seeing government work for the people. I don’t know anyone who has met Bowling who hasn’t become a supporter.

Wanda Riley


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