First shooting stories didn’t feature the hero

June 17, 2014 

On June 7, The Olympian had a front page article on the shooting at Seattle Pacific University that was written, in my opinion, backwards. The hero of the story, the man who subdued the shooter, Jon Meis, is not identified until page four, near the end, after 25 inches of attention has been given to the shooter and his background, the victims and an account of what happened.

The shooter, in an earlier incident, told the police “he wanted (a) SWAT team to get him and make him famous.” It didn’t happen then, but now the press has given him all the attention he wanted including his picture on the front page (no picture of hero Jon Meis, though).

I must sadly admit the reporters gave us the information we wanted: the drama of the event and the who and the why of the perpetrator. The underlying story of all these many shooting is the untreated mental illnesses of so many of our relatives, friends and neighbors.

Herb Larson


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