Cooking your own food is a powerful corrective

June 21, 2014 

In his “Sun” magazine article “Why Cook?” environmental science professor/ardent nutritionist Michael Pollan examines our human eating habits unlike those of carnivors or grazers. After inventing fire: we differentiated ourselves from other creatures: we can cook.

Alas, modern society abdicated cooking and conversational skills to food processing industries (which rob us of our choice in amounts of salt, sugar, fat, causing obesity, melting us into debilitating helpless ignorant consumers). Our conversational skills remain impoverished by listening to hate talk radio. We delegate virtually all our needs to specialists. We rarely vote.

Robbed of our responsibilities of choice, our connection to one another and nature became obscured. Cooking our own food (even just on weekends) he considers a powerful corrective.

Our loss of character directly contributed to our environmental crisis by the way most have come to live. And we must change that, since our kitchens, gardens, homes, cars matter to the fate of our world as never before. Protesting against commercial interests declares our independence from corporations out to control our life.

Cooking our own food (freeze, reheat) transforms us from mere consumers into occasional producers. It feeds ourselves and the people we love.

Helga S. Teske


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