Learn to share lanes while in roundabouts

June 23, 2014 

Last Thursday, something happened on the roundabout at Marvin Road and Highway 510. My heart almost leaped out of the chest. Two cars in the right lane refused to yield to a semi truck and trailer.

Because of these self-important drivers, the trucker had to drive up on the center and his trailer leaned off balance out over the two cars. Thank god he was able to re-align his trailer before it fell over on top of them. If he hadn’t been a talented driver, people would have died under the trailer.

Signs at the access to the circles should state “all cars in right lane, must yield to trucks and buses.” Someday, a car is going to be crushed in an accident if people continue to drive alongside trucks or buses. These large vehicles are not made for the small roundabouts and other drivers need to allow plenty of room for them to negotiate these turns.

It won’t hurt to take a few seconds and allow larger vehicles the right of way in both lanes so that they may turn safely.

Alicia Bowen


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