Sheldon best representsthe rural 35th district

June 24, 2014 

Re: Wanda Riley’s letter to the editor headlined “Real Democrat runs in state 35th District.” People confuse a political party with a political philosophy. A party promotes candidates; a philosophy focuses on issues.

Today our country’s political differences are more urban versus rural rather than Democrat versus Republican. Tim Sheldon represents the rural 35th whereas Kathy Haigh is beholden to Speaker of the House Frank Chopp from urban Seattle.

Seattle has the power in the House but President Pro-Tempore Sheldon gives the 35th more political clout in the state Senate. The one best representing the rural 35th District is Sen. Sheldon, not Rep. Haigh.

The south has a critter called a yellow-dog Democrat, named for voters who would vote for a yellow dog for office if the dog had a ‘D’ beside their name on the ballot. Use your brain, not your lemming instincts when you vote. Vote for the best candidate, not the party favorite.

Ardean A. Anvik


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