Make fast food outletshelp clean up the litter

June 24, 2014 

I found a recent letter to the editor by John Judge regarding litter very interesting. I also am very sick of all this litter and I also pick up litter during my daily walks around the neighborhood.

Like Judge, I find that most of the litter comes from fast food stores. There is an irresponsible childish minority that will purchase items from a fast food outlet and when they are finished they will just toss the containers out of the car window or leave the containers where they please.

I often wonder what kind of home they come from.

We can all keep our neighborhoods cleaner if everybody would pick up bits of litter when they see them. Some states require deposits on beverage containers including plastic water bottles. That would help control litter.

Finally, if about 75 percent of the litter comes from fast food outlets, the fast food industry should take some responsibility in cleaning it up.

Rod Hanson


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