Get out the old placards, no more wars for big oil

June 25, 2014 

Perpetual war can only end when we send the perpetually hawkish politicians off to fight their own darn wars at their own expense. Hawks from Johnson to McCain never learned that a foreign policy based on aggressive meddling does nothing in the end but squander dollars and lives.

Know-nothing McCain can’t express the same position twice in the same year. As a presidential candidate, this POW survivor finally realized that keeping Guantanamo torture cells open is counter-productive. Now he wants to send our latest captive there. When did McCain lose both his short-term memory and his ethics?

Cruel and arrogant policies of pacification or shock and awe earn us more enemies than friends. And when they prop up a corrupt Ngo Diem regime in Saigon or a self-serving Maliki in Baghdad it always strengthens the opposition. The weapons of mass deception backfire when troops are used mainly to protect our global corporation’s ill-gotten gains. These policies of greed and bullying have left a long historical trail of embarrassing failures.

Get out the over-used and worn placards: Bring The Troops Home, No More Vietnams, No War For Big Oil, Peace Now. We can only restore faith in ourselves and our way of life when we overcome our historical amnesia, remain peace loving, and seek justice paired with freedom.

Martin Kimeldorf


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