Madigan conjures up comparisons to VA

June 25, 2014 

The corruption at the VA leaves many, many questions unanswered. How did it start? Why was it allowed to exist for so long? Then the more specific questions, what person(s) broke VA regulations and federal laws? Who failed to hold them accountable for their actions? Why are the politicians hindering the investigation to find the guilty and punish them?

What is going on at the Madigan Army Medical Center in Tacoma? The same thing as the VA and it has been often written about. This can be found in the now public investigation conducted on a previous commander after he was relieved over the PTSD diagnosis fiasco. Obviously there are very flawed systems in place at Madigan.

It is well known by staff how the present Commander, Col. Ramona Fiorey, is struggling not just to maintain the management of the hospital, but to clean it up after her predecessors. Some those who disregarded federal and military law, plus Madigan regulations, are breathing a sigh of relief because it will likely be ignored and they will never be held responsible for what they did. Just like the VA.

Thomas Stoddert


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