How would Republicans pay for another war?

June 26, 2014 

When our nation was struck by horrible hurricanes, our Republicans insisted that any new government spending be offset by cuts in spending elsewhere. Now our Republicans are insisting that we return to war in Iraq. Where do they want the costs of new interventions to come from?

I’m actually saddened that our GOP has moved from being a party of restraint and deep thinking to a shrill crowd that blames President Obama for everything from deficits to gingivitis. Let’s move back to Republican basics: pay our bills. Pay all our bills before going to war some more. And let’s take personal responsibility for problems we caused.

I’m also confused by the presence of Liz Cheney in the news. She’s not a reporter and she’s not an elected politician. She has a famous parent, which puts her in the same category as any student at Hollywood High.

Injured veterans need more than a fishing trip with Liz Cheney. And yes, the Cheneys need to learn to buy the licenses (fishing and quail hunting) that all other Americans are bound by. Famous parents and longing for foreign adventures tends to create princesses that are problems. Fortunately, we don’t have royalty in the USA.

Ellen Rce


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