Fireworks in county exempt from UGA law

June 26, 2014 

I keep reading how irritated the public has become with politicians who don’t listen to and do what is best for the public. For example, I live in the urban growth area of Thurston County that is surrounded by the City of Lacey. We have to abide by the same burn ban for trash and debris as do the citizens of Lacey because our smoke would drift into nearby Lacey housing area.

But when it comes to July 4, our sulfur smelling smoke and loud explosions for most of the night drifting into Lacey housing areas, seems to be no problem with the powers that be.

This is inconsistent with the burn ban in the urban growth area. Laws are supposed to be enforced in a uniform manner which in this case, it is not. Whoever is in charge of the urban growth area’s laws I would appreciate if you would take care of this public nuisance.

Mildred Kavanaugh


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