Sen. Murray commended for attention to VA mess

June 27, 2014 

I rarely agree with Sen. Patty Murray’s politics. However, her determination to hold the VA accountable for their reprehensible treatment of veterans is commendable. Sen. Murray has been the only Washington state Congress person to repeatedly questioned Secretary Shinseki about pervasive VA malfeasance. My research, including The Congressional Record shows all other state Congress members were markedly silent about veterans’ complaints before the VA scandal went public. After their brief display of indignation, their inattention returned.

Frankly, Congress gives higher priority to illegal aliens’ care than insuring ethical treatment for American veterans and Congress people lead the bunch.

Here’s an example: On June 12 10th District Congressman Denny Heck submitted two bills, ostensibly to help veterans. On the same day, he and all of Washington’s House Democrat Congress members joined 52 others in signing a letter. It urges Obama to increase assistance for millions of illegal aliens staying in our country, ignoring federal immigration laws. In response to Americans’ outrage, I believe they will respond with their common justification that undocumented immigrants pay their way, which is patently untrue and a disservice to Americans.

Over 20 million, American veterans, (600,000 in Washington state), have a shocking revelation for Congress. We’ve paid a hell of a lot more than our own way and we demand a change. This November replace the Congress that has pandered to millions of illegals while ignoring American veterans.

Frank Dare


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