Roundabouts can work if built large enough

June 28, 2014 

A letter in the Olympian from Alicia Bowen requests courtesy in sharing roundabouts with big rigs. Good point, except for the concept of roundabouts.

With practically no problems with single lane roundabouts it begs the question: where were the thinkers when it came to providing room for big rigs in such small roundabouts?

A roundabout designed to accommodate big rigs should be at least a half-mile in diameter. Take a look at the roundabouts in Europe. Some are huge. Plus most of their trucks are somewhat smaller (or so it would seem from what I have noticed on T.V.).

Courtesy sounds fine but the state Department of Transportation should be doing a better job of design. Building roundabouts for the sake of building roundabouts is stupid when heavy traffic, especially that involving big rigs, would be better served by traffic lights.

Richard Jones


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