Cheney should criticize Obama for Bush mess

June 28, 2014 

The G.W. Bush administration invaded Iraq in 2003 based on fabricated intelligence mostly supplied by Ahmed Chalabi, an Iraqi convicted of embezzlement and fraud. The U.S. military drove the Sunni’s from power, and installed Maliki as prime minister, and Chalabi as oil minister. Iraqi Sunnis were excluded from the Maliki government. Although money rolled in to Maliki’s coffers from dozens of global oil companies, none of it was earmarked to pay for the Iraq War as Bush had promised.

Bush and company didn’t know Middle East politics. Although Chalabi had promised friendship and an oil pipeline to Israel, he never had any such intentions. Chalabi and Malaki had been working covertly with Israel’s enemies, (thus our enemies) the Iranians, all along.

In 2008, Maliki insisted Bush remove all U.S. troops by 2011. Bush signed the agreement. In 2011, Obama removed U.S. forces per the agreement forged by Bush and Maliki. Iraqi stability was short lived.

We invaded Iraq to destroy WMD’s that weren’t there, and drive out terrorists who weren’t there until we went in to drive them out. Sunnis with help from Al Qaeda are seeking to topple Malaki. We, and our enemy, Iran, support Maliki. Our friend, Saudi Arabia, and our enemy Hezbollah do not.

Unbelievably, Bush neocons such as Dick Cheney, instead of hiding under rocks, have the temerity to criticize Obama’s efforts to deal with a Middle East mess that has no good solutions, a mess they created.

Carol Wilson


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