Is the Mistake on State just a tip of the iceberg?

June 30, 2014 

As you come down the State Avenue hill, you pass by the tree-lined edge of the Historic Bigelow Neighborhood. This entrance is also a buffering edge on the north side of State Avenue intended to protect a special place, we call the historic Bigelow Neighborhood. This entrance exemplifies what we love about Olympia, vibrant historic neighborhoods and tree-lined streets close in to the downtown core and the Capitol. This area is specifically zoned to provide a transition and buffer between the historic neighborhood and downtown.

The city staff believes a proposed three-story, bright red cube that will be the tallest building in the area looming over adjacent historic properties belongs on the only remaining vacant lot left. If this happens once, it’s the Mistake on State. If it happens again, the big red mistake becomes the tip of the iceberg.

Unfortunately, the staff proposal for the new Comprehensive Plan envisions a wall of three-story buildings on one side of the street and six-story buildings on the other. Can you imagine? Years of hard work and investment by the community to revitalize the area as a place in which people want to live and raise their families close in to downtown are being disregarded and insulted.

The city planning staff is out of step with the community. Please let the City Council know that the look and feel of our town is why we live here and why Olympia works. We are not Seattle, Portland, Bremerton or Paris. Keep Olympia, Olympia.

Jeffrey J Jaksich


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