Mariners Q&A: What are Seager's All-Star chances, the likelihood of a trade ... and more

Staff writerJuly 3, 2014 

The Mariners are rolling, with 13 victories in their last 17 games, after completing a three-game sweep in Houston.

The schedule provided the club with an open date Thursday in Chicago, but there’s no day off here at The News Tribune, where we play every day. So we sent out a call on twitter for questions.

You asked. We’re responding…

@kylehead8: what chance do you give Kyle Seager of making the ASG…he’s got the numbers but not the big name of Beltre or Longoria..

I’ve got a Seager piece coming out in Friday’s paper. (Tease: The Mariners think he can still get a lot better.)

As for your question…I think it’s possible he gets an All-Star summons but believe it’s unlikely. It’s not that he’s not deserving. But the Mariners already have two locks in Robinson Cano and Felix Hernandez.

All 15 clubs have to be represented on the 34-player squad. The math works against Seager. (The same goes for Fernando Rodney, who leads the American League in saves.)


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