Work together for fish, or pull the recovery plug

OlympiaJuly 4, 2014 

It’s time for our citizens to demand conservative (wise use) of our tax dollars used to fund local, state and federal projects. Of particular concern to me is the ongoing expenditures of billions of dollars to recover Washington-origin, wild Pacific salmon.

As a lifelong outdoorsman, this is truly a noble undertaking. Unfortunately, the actions of our elected officials who react to corporate thugs, permit unwise utilization of the land and water resources required to recover wild salmon. From the proposed dam on the upper Chehalis River, to steep slope clear cut logging, to ocean-based salmon feedlots, to floodplain development, to source point and non-source point pollution, to increased oil and coal exports - the list of risks to Washington’s wild Pacific salmon is long and complex.

The point being is that we all need to either work together to recover these magnificent fish and their ecosystems or we should pull the financial plug on their recovery. We simply cannot have robust populations of wild salmon while we continue raping the very resources they require to thrive.

Jim Wilcox


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