Church divestments partof green, non-military plan

OlympiaJuly 5, 2014 

I found the title of Martin Schram’s column in the Sunday Opinion section of The Olympian unnecessarily sensationalized. Further, putting the words “Presbyterians’ misguided embrace of religious hatred” above a political cartoon featuring the civil unrest in Iraq is further misleading.

The Presbyterians at the General Assembly in Detroit did divest from American companies that are used in military efforts, but this divestment follows our investment strategy of green investing for all of our investments. As a clergy member who is vested in the pension plan and as someone who has seen the devastation caused by this continued struggle first hand, I am relieved that my funds aren’t being used in this way.

The Presbyterian Church USA continues to support Interfaith dialogue and a two-state solution. Additionally the 37 percent in membership decline in our denomination has nothing to do with this issue. Many of our churches have left the denomination due to our more inclusive stance to gays and lesbians.

Overall the opinion piece was needlessly incendiary and disjointed. Imagine what our public discourse could be around this difficult and complex issue without all of the name calling.

Rev. Tammy Stampfli


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