Don’t look to the NRA for our nation’s problems

TumwaterJuly 5, 2014 

On June 16, Craig Oare wrote about the NRA ruling the country which made it not a good place to live. The NRA was founded in New York City in 1871 by some retired Union officers and business leaders. They were dismayed over the poor rifle marksmanship displayed by Union soldiers during the Civil War.

So they chartered a shooting club and named it the National Rifle Association and elected former Union Gen. Ambrose Burnside as its first president. Its main purpose was to train young men in the art of rifle shooting. Since its beginning it has conducted training courses for the military, police organizations and various state shooting clubs.

During both World Wars it trained many soldiers in the proper use of the Springfield and Garand infantry rifles. At the start of WWII, the British government needed weapons to repel a potential invasion by German forces that had conquered Western Europe. The NRA stepped up and got their members to loan Britain their personal weapons by the thousands to protect their shores. The invasion was later canceled.

The NRA has offered free gun safety classes to schools. It is reported that eight U.S. presidents — of both parties — were lifetime members of the NRA. Ulysses S. Grant and Teddy Roosevelt were the first ones. John F. Kennedy was a member also. I think Oare should look elsewhere for the problem in the nation — maybe it’s the corrupt, inept and socialist politicians that are making this country “not a good place to live”.

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