Is a lack of ER beds excuse for tragedy?

TeninoJuly 7, 2014 

Think about it. A young mother about to give birth to her first child rushes into the hospital emergency room and is admitted without question. An elderly gentlemen is escorted through the doors of the hospital emergency room with chest pains and is triaged and ultimately admitted without question.

A young man, appearing somewhat “out of it,” enters the hospital emergency room and states that his brain is sick and he feels as though he may be a danger to himself or others and is told, “I’m sorry, we have no beds.” So, he goes home and stabs his father several times within inches of his life and then proceeds to take his own.

You can see the pain that the young mother is in. You can see the pain that the elderly gentleman is in. You can’t see the pain that this young man is in so you just say “I’m sorry, we have no beds.”

So, while the families of that young mother and that elderly gentleman are celebrating the lives that have been brought into the world and saved for another day, the rest of us are being bombarded with headlines about another “crazy” who stabbed his father and then committed suicide.

Why? Because there were no beds. Think about it.

Beth Johnson


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