People oppose cell towers because they’re big, ugly

ElmaJuly 8, 2014 

It’s always amusing to read about someone objecting to a cell tower on the basis of radiation emissions. Do these people use cell phones? Are they aware that the phone they hold to their ears is emitting many times the radiation they would get from a tower and delivering it directly to their brains?

Do they have wi-fi at home or work? Bluetooth in their car? Maybe they even let their children use cell phones or let them have the notebook computer on their lap while they’re using it.

All of these things and many more are emitting RF radiation. There is no difference between the radiation (signal) emitted by a tower and a cell phone. And just like the tower, that phone in their pocket is communicating (with the towers) all the time when it’s turned on. Even when not being used.

Unless they are willing to give all that up they should be honest and admit the real reason they don’t want a tower in their neighborhood is because it’s big and ugly.

And if they really need to get away from man-made radiation, they’ll have to be prepared to move at least 150 light years from the earth. I don’t think U-Haul will rent them a truck for that move.

Kim McDougall


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