Author cites dangers of dirty electricity

OlympiaJuly 9, 2014 

The July 2 article by Andy Hobbs, “Cell tower near school on hold, AT&T says” quotes the American Cancer Society as reporting, “So far, there is no evidence in published scientific reports that cell phone towers cause any other health problems.”

This is simply not true. A 2011 paper by AC Dode published in “Science of the Total Environment,” shows that cancer death rates are higher in people living near cell towers, and decrease with distance from the tower base. Ten years ago, the International Association of Firefighters passed a resolution banning cell towers from being sited at firehouses, because of health complaints of firefighters exposed to cell tower radiation and abnormal brain scans in a small group of exposed firefighters.

Cell towers are microwave transmitters which operate on direct current (DC). The utility alternating current (AC) is changed to DC by an inverter or switching power supply to run the transmitter and to charge back-up batteries. The inverter generates electrical pollution called dirty electricity which flows back into the grid.

In my book, “Dirty Electricity,” I describe a California elementary school with a cell tower on campus with a cancer epidemic in the school’s teachers, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder-like (ADHD) behavior in the students. Interestingly, filtering the electrical pollution out of the classroom wiring could eliminate the ADHD behavior while the cell tower was transmitting normally.

Cell towers should not be placed near schools.

Samuel Milham, MD


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