Warped logic enabled by U.S. Supreme Court

LaceyJuly 10, 2014 

Five men on the Supreme Court are now enablers of the divisive discourse of the nation’s population. Notions such as “originalism,” which Justice Roberts and Sen. Ted Cruz expound, is merged with Ayn Rand’s super individualism philosophy taking this nation back to pre-reconstruction on Civil Rights and the 1930s regarding women’s health decisions.

Hobby Lobby and other corporations are more concerned with having to deal with the Affordable Care Act and their profit margins than with religion. Specific members of the family might care about religious issues, but not a corporation which is not a human entity; in spite of court pronouncements to the contrary.

The absurdity of the crisis over court decisions has come about by otherwise bright people being funneled into an education that serves them politically but does a disservice to the nation. These individuals are developed by parents and some professors to have ideas so narrowly put together and so warped that the possibility of changing their minds is slight.

Say “no” to compromise, disbelief to better information, and denial of all the logic that science and knowledge can provide. Result is cynical marketing.

Martha Pierce


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