Veteran’s Court a success in helping those who served

OlympiaJuly 10, 2014 

I would like to start by congratulating and applauding the Thurston County Veteran’s Court on their 5th Anniversary. I would also like to thank, both personally and professionally, all those who have been directly or indirectly involved in making this problem-solving court a great success.

Although a simple assumption on my part, I believe that no matter what your personal beliefs are relative to the various social, treatment or therapeutic programs in existance, I believe that we can all agree that helping those that have served our country honorably is the right thing to do. It’s our chance and ability to give back.

Yes, these folks through their own actions have found themselves within the criminal justice system, but Veteran’s Court is no free pass. With compassion and support comes accounability and responsibility.

If you’re looking for program outcomes with more substance, Veteran’s Court has saved countless jail bed-day and in-custody medical costs throughout its five years in existence. And even though, I believe that this is a very important fiscal outcome, having come from a family with a strong history of military service, I also prefer to adopt the idea of “serving those who have served us.”

Todd Thoma


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