Weekend Getaway: Surf Westport

craig.hill@thenewstribune.comJuly 11, 2014 


What: Surfing is not an easy sport to learn, but Westport is a good place to learn. It is the easiest surfing spot to access from the South Sound area. There are three breaks worth checking out — Halfmoon Bay, the Groins and the Jetty. The Jetty is typically the best place to test the waters for the first time.

Where: Westport

Getting there: Take state Route 8 and then U.S. Highway 12 west to Aberdeen. Take state Route 105 west. Turn right on Montesano or Forrest streets to Westport.

Cost: No charge. Equipment rentals at Westport surf shops for as little as $15 for a surfboard, $15 for a wetsuit.

Practice tip: Cut out a piece of cardboard about 9 feet long and 22 inches wide and put a mark in the middle of it. Lay on the board with your sternum on the mark. Then, with your hands on the side of the cardboard, practice thrusting up and whipping your front foot to the spot in the middle of the board where your sternum used to be.

Other tips: Don’t follow the veterans. Find a place where the water is about waist deep to practice. Start on a long board. It’s more stable.

Information: Westport has two surf shops. Visit The Surf Shop at westportsurfshop.com and Steepwater Surf Shop at steepwatersurfshop.com. Steepwater offers 90-minute lessons for $115 per person for groups. This fee includes gear rental for the day.


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