What’s the (legal) point of fireworks on the 4th?

July 12, 2014 

I’m patriotic, too. I served in the military, voted in every election, and root for American teams every chance I get. However, I fail to see the point of fireworks of the Fourth of July.

Last evening we spent a living hell with blasts going off all around us that rattled our windows. It was an insane display of nationalistic overkill. It also caused other issues for us, the non-participants.

For example, we had to put cotton in our dog’s ears and buy him doggy tranquilizers at our own expense to help him through the day. About halfway through the evening’s xenophobic barrage, in desperation, I loaded him into the car and drive him around for 40 minutes until the ruckus subsided. He is still so traumatized that he will not go outside to potty this morning: we open the door and he runs to his bed.

We have hours’ worth of clean up to do that was not our making in our neighborhood. I believe we voted to end this, and the people spoke. If you are truly patriotic, how about honoring that process and stop the resulting carnage? Yes, I’m patriotic – but I also believe that there are less intrusive ways to show that than fireworks on the Fourth. I also believe that laws were meant to observed, not ignored.

Steve Rosenoff


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