Chip sealing in Lacey not advisable remedy

July 12, 2014 

Last year, the streets in our neighborhood in the Seasons near Lacey were chip sealed over a one-week period. This process included daily disruptions to get to and from our home, gravel spewed over sidewalks and driveways on a regular basis, and tarballs tracked into garages and homes from car tires and shoes.

If this were not enough of an inconvenience, the contractors had to return days after the treatment to uncover storm drains accidentally covered with tar and gravel during the chip sealing.

Now, many months later I am reminded every time I leave the neighborhood how much smoother the road surface used to be before the chip sealing. Random bits of gravel and tarballs are still tracked onto resident properties. Was this treatment really advisable? The obvious answer seems to be no.

In my opinion, the residents and county taxpayers would have been much better served if this process had not been carried out. Any of the very minimal irregularities in road surfaces on neighborhood streets could easily have been remedied by small patchwork.

A little thoughtful analysis by county road agencies could have saved considerable tax dollars and aggravation to local residents.

Milton Lebsack


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