Why emulate wartime in our neighborhoods?

LaceyJuly 13, 2014 

I just read a media release from the Office of the State Fire Marshall dated June 24. The release states that therre were 341 fireworks related injuries in 2013, the majority of which occcured on July 4. There were 102 fires resulting in $2,002,650 in damage and property loss. There were 57 injuries caused by illegal devices and six sparkler bombs resulting in one amputation and other injuries to the arms, legs, face and torso.

Nothing in the report mentioned the annoying noise that loud fireworks create and the terror experienced by humans, pets and wildlife with individuals aiming firey rockets at their homes and wooded areas.

The City of Lacey puts on a beautiful fireworks display Why not enjoy it instead of emulating war in our neighborhoods?

Mildred Kavanaugh


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