Marijuana retail stores raise many questions

LaceyJuly 14, 2014 

Washington state’s legalized pot sales began last week, which was a real circus since it was reported that there was only about 500 lbs. of product for the entire state.

Then what about those prices? The paper and the Liquor Control Board are saying about $15 to $20 per gram, while the TV news was reporting $25-plus per gram. Question: how is this going to stop the drug cartel dealers from selling illicit marijuana? Before the passage of initiative 502, (which legalized recreational marijuana) the price of a bag of marijuana was about $5 to $15.

How many of the people using this now legalized recreational marijuana are going to obey the rules and regulations? How many assaults, robberies, muggings, home invasions, etc., are going to occur as people try to get enough money to pay for their newly legalized weed?

Stan Guyer


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