Sheldon’s term in office: much ado about nothing

July 18, 2014 

Most readers will recognize “Much Ado about Nothing” as being a well-known Shakespearean Comedy. Yet, that title could also be an appropriate description of Sen. Tim Sheldon’s political career. The nature of Sheldon’s politics is antagonistic, routinely garnering populist support for his obstructionism, while often offering no practical alternatives.

Consequently, during Sheldon’s tenure, Mason County has politically and economically moved sideways at best, consistently remaining at or near the bottom of statewide measures of economics, public health, and education.

Sheldon has become little more than a stale, shady, manipulative career politician. Effective at merely keeping the political mud and sludge slowly moving in Olympia, Sheldon has proven to be a political obstacle to Mason County and the 35th district ever reaching its economic, political, or social potential.

This year, Sheldon is opposed by two intelligent and energetic candidates for his state Senate seat. While philosophically different, both of these candidates clearly respect the critical difference between public service and self-service, and on that point alone deserve fair consideration by Republican, Democratic, and Independent voters of the Mason County and the 35th district.

Bob Herr


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