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  • Getting a budget deal is big relief

    There are always reasons for regret around budget deals. But the agreement reached in the state Legislature this week on a two-year operating budget for state government leaves us with a sense of relief. State agencies did not need to shut down ...

  • Court upholds right of the people

    The U.S. Supreme Court ruled this week that Arizona’s redistricting commission can continue to operate, rejecting a challenge by the state legislature that sought to keep that power for itself. The court found that the people’s constitutional right...

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    Heck trade vote stands up to scrutiny

    The divided U.S. House hit a new wall late last week. It failed to give President Barack Obama fast-track authority to negotiate an international trade deal through what is known as trade promotion authority or TPA. It was the first of two trade bills that together would have major, lasting ramifications...


    Shootings spotlight needs of police

    The recent shooting of two suspects by an Olympia police officer raised uncomfortable questions about use of force, race, the demands we place on police in our society and what steps police agencies might take to more effectively de-escalate conflicts.


    State school funding gets low marks

    A national report on school funding and opportunity showed last week that Washington hasn’t been the only state struggling to pay for its K-12 public school system. Or to make school funding fairer. The report issued Monday by the New Jersey-based Education Law Center gave Washington a D ...


    Magna Carta: Birthplace of individual rights

    Secretary of State Kim Wyman and others are sponsoring a celebration today (June 15) to mark the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta. The event is at noon at the state Supreme Court.


    CRA may give another nudge to downtown

    It’s been fun to watch the progress of construction at Fourth and Columbia streets in downtown Olympia, where a six-story building is going up fast. It will bring 138 units of market rate housing to the city center, and it heralds a significant shift in the trajectory of downtown development...


    Lawmakers need ethics pro for U.S. Open trip

    When it comes to ethics, Washington’s Legislature has more in common with an expert skating team than a troop of toe-the-line Scouts. The latest spin-move involves Pierce County government’s offer of free tickets to the U.S. Open golf tourney this month for about 45 lawmakers. The ...


    Not all millionaires are created equal

    According to Fuse, a left-wing political advocacy organization, the real problem with our state Legislature is that too many Senate Republicans are millionaires in thrall to the rich. But oh, wait: There are also seven or perhaps nine Democratic senators who are millionaires.

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