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    Legislature: enshrine equal political access for all

    Here in the progressive Northwest, we like to think that voting rights issues are a problem for the southern “red” states. But a recent federal court busted that myth in a ruling that the City of Yakima’s at-large system disenfranchises Latino voters and, therefore, runs afoul...


    Another mistake in managing wolf recovery

    The state Department of Fish and Wildlife has mismanaged another conflict between an Eastern Washington rancher and an important wolf pack. This time the department accidently killed the breeding alpha female of the Huckleberry pack, one of the state’s most stable and prolific packs...


    Court is holding state lawmakers accountable

    Late last week, the Supreme Court of Washington held the Legislature in contempt for failing to provide a plan to fully fund basic education, as our state constitution requires. This isn’t surprising. In 2012, the Court directly ordered the Legislature to develop a plan to fully fund its ...


    Reykdal, Hunt best represent 22nd District

    Republican candidates don’t fare well in the strongly liberal 22 Legislative District. Two years ago, Republicans didn’t bother to field candidates to oppose state Representatives Sam Hunt and Chris Reykdal or Sen. Karen Fraser. Voters have a choice this year in the two races for the...


    GET benefits from rebound, tuition freeze

    The program director of Washington state’s prepaid college tuition plan told The Olympian’s editorial board last April that this summer’s annual actuarial report would show the plan is 100 percent fully funded. She was right – it’s actually 106 percent funded -- ...


    Remembering 9/11

    Today's the 13th anniversary today of the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks on America. A lot has changed since that fateful day, but in some ways nothing has changed.


    A lesson for America from the Ebola crisis

    The deadly Ebola virus that has spread across West Africa -- killing about half of those infected -- poses a significant public health threat for some of the world’s most impoverished people. And although some courageous front-line health care workers have returned to the U.S. for treatment...


    It’s time to modernize rules on e-commerce

    Two bills affecting what consumers pay to use the Internet are tangled up in Congress. And, as usual, the prognosis for a speedy resolution isn’t good. One bill – a renewal of the 1998 Internet Tax Freedom Act (ITFA), which expires Nov. 1 -- would extend or make permanent the prohibition...


    African elephant slaughter renews faith in ESA

    The slaughter of elephants in Africa that could render Earth’s largest land mammals extinct within the decade, and the 100th anniversary of the passenger pigeon’s extinction, remind us of the value of environmental conservation and, in particular, Americaâ&#...


    Historic Olympia building is looking spiffy

    Olympia's historic Eagles Club, a big cube of a building on the corner of 4th and Plum near downtown Olympia, has been looking pretty forlorn for the last few years. Thank heaven it's finally getting a great new paint job. And if people help the Eagles make their fundraising goal, it could even ...

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