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Native Americans prepare to battle Trump over Utah national monument

After eight years of having friends in the Obama administration, Native Americans are resisting edicts from the White House and Congress as never before. In south Utah, several tribes are girding to challenge President Donald Trump if he follows through on pledges to rescind or shrink the Bears Ears National Monument, created by President Barack Obama to protect Native American antiquities.


Bryson Chaplin expected to plead guilty in two thefts that preceded Olympia police shooting

One of two men on trial for the alleged assault of an Olympia police officer will likely plead guilty to theft charges Tuesday, according to his attorney. Bryson Chaplin is charged with two counts of second-degree assault, one count of fourth-degree assault, and three counts of third-degree assault. His attorney, George Trejo, said Monday that Chaplin plans to plead guilty to two of the theft charges.