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    Fundraiser calendar for Sept. 2

    FRIENDLY WATER FOR THE WORLD 3RD ANNUAL FUNDRAISING DINNER: Enjoy an Assyrian luncheon, featuring exhibits and demonstrations, a lively auction, and keynote speaker Abraham Bezabeh, from 2-5 p.m. Sunday at New Bridge Community Church, 812 Central St. SE, Olympia. Cost is $30.


    Group says world is losing battle against Ebola

    The international group Doctor Without Borders warned Tuesday that the world is losing the battle against Ebola and lamented that treatment centers in West Africa have been "reduced to places where people go to die alone."


    Obama addresses West Africans on facts about Ebola

    President Barack Obama urged West Africans on Tuesday to wear gloves and masks when caring for Ebola patients or burying anyone who died of the disease. He also discouraged the traditional burial practice of directly touching the body of someone who died of Ebola, which is one way the disease has...


    Double mastectomy doesn't boost survival for most

    Removing both breasts to treat cancer affecting only one side doesn't boost survival chances for most women, compared with surgery that removes just the tumor, a large study suggests. The results raise concerns about riskier, potentially unnecessary operations that increasing numbers of women are...


    Ill UK boy's parents freed from custody in Spain

    The British parents who took their critically ill child for treatment abroad without doctors' consent were released from custody in Spain on Tuesday after authorities in the United Kingdom dropped charges of child cruelty against them.

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