O-POP spells good things for Olympia

There’s a new organization in town called Olympians for People-Oriented Places whose mission is “to promote land use that stimulates vibrant economies and creates sustainable, walkable communities.”


No Child Left Behind must evolve

With help from Sen. Patty Murray, compromise reached on updating the Bush-era education law

Tumwater firefighters raised money to give 359 new coats to Michael T. Simmons students

Department of Justice grant of $450,000 will help get services to military and Spanish-speaking victims of domestic violence in South Sound


Tax vote letsparks plan take shape

Voter approval of Prop. 1 provides new money long needed for Olympia parks

An six-year update to the parks plan lays out where much of the money may go

A few purchases are obviously at the top; demolishing a 9-story building is still in doubt


President’s test edict has promise - but with big if

The president says it’s time to limit time kids spend taking tests in public schools to no more than 2 percent of class time.

A backlash against excessive testing is warranted

We worry this may take us away from promising students they’ll graduate knowing how to read and write and do math


Let us not forget our humanity in refugee crisis

Last week’s deadly terror strikes in Paris were an attack on all of humanity.

Resisting hysteria and fear in times like this takes effort – as other nations have learned

Gov. Jay Inslee is right to say Syrian refugees who get through immigration vetting can settle here